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Developing as a Teacher in Higher Education (DAT HE) - Expression of Interest Form

Thank you for expressing interest in the Developing as a Teacher in Higher Education (DAT HE) course.

The course leads to Associate Fellowship of RET. Prior to applying for DAT HE, please familiarise yourself with both the University's RET framework and the UKPSF, as this will provide further information about what the course is aligned to and how it might be beneficial to your career at different stages of your experience of teaching and learning in higher education.

In order to ensure that we conform to the RET guidance in relation to eligibility to undertake the course, we are asking firstly that you confirm your availability to attend the course, that you are eligible to attend and that you have undertaken the minimum requirement in relation to teaching.

This information will be used to make decisions on places being offered on the course.


3.3. College/Service Required
6.6. When are you interested in undertaking the DAT HE course?
9.9. Which of the following roles/career stages outlined in Descriptor 1 of the UKPSF relates to your current position at the University of Glasgow?
10.10. In order to be eligible to participate in the DAT HE course and gain RET AF recognition, participants are usually recommended to have undertaken a minimum number of teaching-related and contact hours (in higher education). The recommended guidance for the taught route of Associate Fellowship of RET is that applicants have undertaken a minimum of 30 teaching-related hours, including 10 hours of contact time in the previous semester.  Do you currently meet the minimum eligibility criteria to undertake this course?          Required
11.11. Please confirm if you would be interested in undertaking the course in 2023/24 Required