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About the Mentor (Please note that all information provided within this section will be shared with your mentee following the matching process)

Mentorship Support

What mentorship support are you happy to provide?

6.6. PhD support - Can you provide mentorship support from a senior PhD students/PDRA/academics prospective?
7.7. Scientific support - Advice on research fields
a.7.a. If you answered "Yes" to Q.7 please select from the following options below:
8.8. Career support - Advice and support on longer term career advancements
a.8.a. If you answered "Yes" to Q.8 please select from the field(s) below:
9.9. Skills training advice - Guidance on how to develop professional skills
a.9.a. If you answered "Yes" to Q.9 please select from the following options below:
10.10. Inclusion support
a.10.a. Please select any of the areas below that you would be happy to discuss with your mentee: