Page 1: Advice Network Form

Student question(s) will be sent directly to the CDT and these will then be forward on to members of the advice network. This is to prevent any duplicate questions and monitor demand. If we identify reoccurring topics, we might contact you about hosting a seminar on the topic, this would be optional.

For those who have completed the Mentor Form you are only required to add your name to the about you section, please then move straight to Question 11. 

About You (Please note that all information provided within this section will be made available online other than your email address)

Advice Support

Please select the key topics/areas you are happy to be contacted about on an adhoc basis. 

6.6. PhD support
7.7. Scientific support - Advice on research fields
a.7.a. If you answered "Yes" to Q.7 please select from the following options below:
8.8. Career support - Advice and support on longer term career advancements
a.8.a. If you answered "Yes" to Q.8 please select the field(s) you are able to offer:
9.9. Skills training advice - Guidance on how to develop professional skills
a.9.a. If you answered "Yes" to Q.9 please select from the following options below:
10.10. Inclusion support
a.10.a. Please select any of the areas below that you would be happy to discuss:
11.11. Other discussion topics: