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Hola amigos, welcome to surf club!

Please fill in the survey below, it is mandatory & is required for a valid membership (& to get a free tee!)

Lots of love xx 

GUSC Committee


2.2. Can you swim at least 50m without stopping? (For saftey reasons, this is a requirement to go on trips but totally not needed for socials) Required

In order to join our surf trips, we recommend you can swim at least 50 metres. Socials, land training and other day activities are suitable for all members regardless of swimming abilities. 

Please select exactly 1 answer(s).

3.3. Do you have a car & would like to help drive on trips? If yes, shoot us a message & We'll add you to the exclusive drivers group chat. Required

This is just so we can get a rough idea of who might be able to drive on surf trips. You will not be tied to do so in any way. 

(All drivers get to go on our club organised surf trips free of charge)

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4.4. Are you qualified to drive the university minibus? If not, the requirements are: be 21 y/o, have had a licence for 2 years. If you're interested in doing so just let us know Required
5.5. What size t-shirt would you like? (Every member gets a free club tee!)  S 34/36" M 38/40" L 42/44" XL 46/48" 2XL 50/52" Required

Membership includes your very own club t shirt 😎 These will be handed out in October after membership has closed.

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7.7. What's your surfing ability, don't be shy!!! (We're a totally beginner friendly club but it's always good to know if there's any shredders kicking about who would like to participate in competitions & potentially help with coaching) Required

Just to let you know, the club is affiliated with the Scottish Surfing Federation. As part of signing up, we will share basic information such as name, DOB, Email & gender with them in order for you guys to benefit from the package.

You shoud recieve an email with a login to access an array of discounts, courses & other benefits.